• ##global methods

    These are helper methods that are added to the global object, the main reason is that they can handle null values, where the normal prototypes are not able to detect that (in a controlled way)

    existy value

    confirms that a value exists (i.e. is not null or undefined)

    global.existy = (value)->
    global.not_Null = global.existy
  • is_Number

    returns true if value is an number or not NaN

    global.is_Number = (value)->
      (typeof value is 'number') and value.is_Number()
  • is_Null

    returns true if value is null

    global.is_Null = (value)->
      value is null
  • file_Exists file

    Returns true if file exists

    global.file_Exists = (file)->
      if not_Null(file)
  • using target,callback

    simulates a ‘using’ or ‘with’ language feaure where the this object (inside callback) is changed to value

    global.using = (target,callback)->
  • truthly value

    Returns true if value exists and is not false

    global.truthly = (value)->
      value? and value != false
  • log message

    Simple wrapper for console.log

    global.log   = console.log

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