• Adds helper methods to the native javascript Function class

    Function::ctor params…

    Creates a new object from the parent function

    Function::ctor   = (params...)->
        new @(params...)
  • Function::invoke params…

    Invokes the function with the provided params. Note that the this object is set to null

    Function::invoke = (params...)->
        @.apply(null, params)
  • Function::invoke_In value

    Invokes the function in value miliseconds

    Function::invoke_In = (value)->
        setTimeout @, value
  • Function::new params …

    Function::new    = Function::ctor
  • Function::sourceCode

    Returns the source code of the current function. This done using an easy trick which is usually not that obvious. All we have to do is to call the .toString() method of the function (another option is to append the function to a string @ + "")

    twin methods: sourceCode

    Function::source_Code = ()->
    Function::sourceCode = Function::source_Code

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