O2 Platform

Automating Application Security Knowledge and Workflows

Welcome to the OWASP O2 Platform Website

The O2 platform represents a new paradigm for how to perform, document and distribute Web Application security reviews. O2 is designed to Automate Application Security Knowledge and Workflows and to Allow non-security experts to access and consume Security Knowledge.

Please join the O2 Platform Mailing List and ask questions! You will be lost when trying to use O2! So instead of giving up, ask for help :)

Download Stand-Alone Application

You can run all O2 Tools and Scripts using the stand-alone executable which you can download from:

Which looks like this: 

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Install VisualStudio Extension

O2 Platform is also available as a VisualStudio Extension which you can download from VisualStudio Gallery (see VisualStudio C# REPL – O2 Platform) or directly using VisualStudio’s Extension Manager: 

For more info on O2 see:

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