• dependencies

    require './path'
    fs = require('fs')
  • @.create_Parent_Folder

    Creates the parent folder of the current @

    Useful when creating a file in a folder that might not exist

    Note that folder_Create() will create multiple parent folders (if needed)

    Returns @

    String::create_Parent_Folder = ->
  • @.folder_Create

    Creates a folder on @, with checks to create parent folders recusively (i.e. it will also create all parents up until it finds a valid directory)

    String::folder_Create = ->
      target = @.valueOf()
      if target.folder_Not_Exists()           # only do anyhing id the folder doesn't exist
        target.parent_Folder()                # check if the parent folder exists
        fs.mkdirSync(target)                  # use node fs.mkdirSync to creat the folder
      return target.realPath()                # return full normalized path to target folder
  • @.folder_Delete

    Deletes the @ folder

    twin methods: delete_Folder

    String::folder_Delete       = ->
      folder = @.toString()
      if fs.existsSync(folder)
      return folder.not_Exists()
    String::delete_Folder = String::folder_Delete
  • @.folder_Delete_Recursive

    Deletes the folder @ recursively (ie. all files and all folders inside it)

    String::folder_Delete_Recursive = ->
                                    folder = @.toString()
                                    if folder.exists()
                                      for file in folder.files()
                                      for subFolder in folder.folders()
                                    return folder.not_Exists()
  • @.file_Append target contents, callback

    Appends contents to the @ file.

    If callback exists file_Append is async if it doesn’t it is sync

    @ value (or error) is used for the return value and callback param

    String::file_Append = (contents, callback)->
      file_Path = @.real_Path()
      if file_Path.file_Exists() and contents
        if callback
          fs.appendFile file_Path, contents,  (err)=>
            callback err || file_Path
          fs.appendFileSync file_Path, contents
      return @
  • @.file_Copy target

    Copy @ file to target

    if target is an existing folder, the file will be copied into that folder with the filename of @

    returns target path

    String::file_Copy = (target)->
      if not (target)
        return null
      if (@.valueOf().file_Not_Exists())
        return null;
      if target.folder_Exists()
        target = target.path_Combine(@.valueOf().file_Name())
      content = fs.readFileSync(@.valueOf());
      fs.writeFileSync(target, content)
  • @.file_Create

    Creates an file at @ with contents

    String::file_Create         = (contents)->
      path = @.toString()
      if path.not_Exists()
          fs.writeFileSync(path,contents || '')
      return path.realPath();
  • @.File_Delete

    Deletes @ file

    String::file_Delete = ->
      file = @.toString().realPath()
      return true if not file
      fs.unlinkSync file
      return file.file_Not_Exists()
  • @.file_Contents

    Returns the ascii contents (utf8) of the @ file or null if there is an error loading the file (for example if the file does not exist or is a directory

    String::file_Contents = ->
      file = @.valueOf().realPath()
        return fs.readFileSync(file,"utf8")
  • @.file_Exists

    Returns true if @ is a file and it exists

    twin methods: exists

    String::file_Exists = ->
      return fs.existsSync  @.valueOf()
    String::exists = String::file_Exists
  • @.file_Lines

    Returns an array of the file contents splitted by lines (or empty if there was no content)

    String::file_Lines = ->
      file_Contents = @.file_Contents()
      if file_Contents isnt null
  • @.file_Write content

    Writes content as file @

    String::file_Write  = (content)->
  • @.file_Not_Exists

    Returns true if @ is not a file

    String::file_Not_Exists     = ->
      (fs.existsSync @.valueOf()) == false
  • @.files_and_Folders

    returns a list of files and folders from the folder @

    String::files_And_Folders   = ->
                                      path = @.valueOf()
                                        path.path_Combine(item).realPath() for item in fs.readdirSync path
    String::files               = (extension)->
                                      files = (item for item in @.files_And_Folders() when item.is_File())
                                      if extension
                                        return (file for file in files when file.file_Extension() is extension)
                                      return files
    String::files_Recursive     = (extension)->
                                      files = []
                                      for item in @.str().files_And_Folders()
                                        if (item.is_Folder())
                                          files = files.concat(item.files_Recursive(extension))
                                          if (not extension or item.file_Extension() is extension)
                                      return files
    String::folders             = ->  item for item in @.files_And_Folders() when item.is_Folder()
  • @.is_Folder

    Returns true is @ is a folder

    String::is_Folder = ->
  • @.is_Not_Folder

    Returns true if @ is not a folder

    String::is_Not_Folder = ->
      @.is_Folder() is false
    String::is_File             = ->  try fs.lstatSync(@.valueOf()).isFile()      catch then false
    String::realPath            = ->  try fs.realpathSync @.valueOf() catch then null
  • @.temp_File contents

    Creates a file in @ folder with a temp name and with contents

    If contents is empty, the file will be created with ‘’ If @ is not a folder, no file will be created and null is returned

    If all goes well, the retuned value is the full path to the temp file created

    String::temp_File = (contents)->
      if @.is_Folder()
         .file_Write(contents || '')
        return null
    String::temp_Name_In_Folder = ->  @.valueOf().realPath().path_Combine("_tmp_".add_Random_String(10))
  • @.save_As targetFile

    Sync saves @ into targetFile. If targetFile exists, it is deleted first, before save is done

    Returns full path to saved file

    twin method: saveAs (legacy)

    String::save_As              = (targetFile) ->
                                      return false if targetFile is null or targetFile.length > 255
                                      contents = @.valueOf()
                                      if (targetFile.exists())
                                      if targetFile.real_Path().exists()
                                        return targetFile.real_Path()
    String::saveAs = String::save_As
  • Other twin methods to add to correct location

    String::create_Dir          = String::folder_Create
    String::delete_File         = String::file_Delete
    String::folder_Exists       = String::is_Folder
    String::folder_Not_Exists   = String::is_Not_Folder
    String::fullPath            = String::realPath
    String::real_Path           = String::realPath
    String::is_Directory        = String::is_Folder
    String::touch               = String::file_Create
    String::not_Exists          = String::file_Not_Exists

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